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Aeon Trespass: Odyssey – Truth of the Labyrinth

Embark on an epic odyssey in Aeon Trespass: Odyssey’s “Truth of the Labyrinth” cycle, your first foray into the post-Eschaton Hellas, a world inspired by ancient Greece.

Explore the broken shores of Crete aboard the battle-scarred Argo, a city-ship seeking repairs. Navigate the treacherous landscape, delving into Labyrinthine canals and exploring the remnants of a fractured society.

Unravel the mystery surrounding the disappearance of King Minos and navigate the political turmoil between the Minoan Dynasty, the Hornsworn rebels, and the rising Cult of the Labyrinth.

Face a multitude of threats

Temenos, the Maze Conundrum




Gigantic Primordials, protected by impenetrable fields, demanding your strength and strategic prowess.


Cretan beasts, twisted by the Labyrinth’s influence, testing your combat skills.


The insidious spread of a nihilistic ideology, threatening to corrupt your crew and allies.

Forge your own path

Dreamwalker Titans: Ulyssea, Solon, Philoctera and Herodotus


Negotiate with diverse factions, shaping your destiny and the fate of Crete.


Make choices with long-lasting consequences, impacting the narrative and world around you.


Develop countermeasures against the Labyrinth’s influence, protecting your crew from its whispers of despair.

Witness the birth of legends




Command colossal Titans in epic battles against the Primordials.


Research new technologies to enhance the Argo and its capabilities.


Face your relentless Adversary, a malevolent force pursuing you across the shattered world.

Hekaton, Spawn of the Labyrinth

Aeon Trespass: Odyssey – Truth of the Labyrinth offers a unique blend of exploration, resource gathering, diplomacy, tactical battles, and narrative branching.

Will you succumb to the darkness, or will you forge a brighter future for yourself and the shattered world of Hellas?


Hermesian Pursuer, the Relentless Adversary
Labyrinthauros, th Waywatcher
Earthshaker & Gamechanger
Mazerunner, Warkeeper (Cycle II) & Abysswatcher (Cycle II)

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For more detailed information check Cycle I Spotlight from Into the Unknown!

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