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Aeon Trespass: Odyssey – Pitiless of the Sun

Aeon Trespass: Odyssey - Pitiless of the Sun - A Time-Twisted Challenge Awaits

The Argo, scarred but resolute, arrives in Delphi, only to find a realm trapped in a devastating time loop. Can you unravel the mystery, break the cycle, and confront the consequences of tampering with time itself? Welcome into “Pitiless of the Sun” – Cycle III of the Aeon Trespass: Odyssey!

Sun Descendant, the Heir Ascended

Traverse a Fractured Delphi

The Hypertime Oracle, the Scavenger of Reality



Explore a shattered realm: Journey through past, present, and future versions of Delphi, each with its own challenges and secrets. Witness the rise and fall of civilizations, the echoes of past battles, and the chilling premonitions of a desolate future.

Witness history unfold: Analyze the fragmented timeline to piece together the events that led to Delphi’s current predicament. Uncover the cause of the time loop and the potential domino effect of altering the past.

Navigate the shifting timelines: Use the fractured world to your strategic advantage. Travel through time to exploit enemy weaknesses in the past or gather resources from a future iteration of Delphi. However, be mindful of the potential paradoxes and temporal disruptions you may create.

Challenge the Devouring Time Loop

The Icarian Harpy, the Perfect Being


Race against oblivion: Unravel the mystery behind the collapsing timeline. Is it a natural phenomenon, a malevolent force, or a consequence of past actions? Each loop iteration offers a chance to gather clues and experiment with solutions.

Buy precious moments: Find ways to extend your existence within the time loop. This could involve manipulating temporal anomalies, harvesting time essence from specific locations, or completing specific objectives within each loop.

Wield time as a weapon: Harvest, store, and manipulate time for strategic gains. Use frozen time to slow down enemy attacks, accelerate your own actions, or create temporal traps for unsuspecting foes. However, remember that manipulating time has consequences, potentially accelerating the collapse of the timeline.

Embrace the Power of Paradox

Priority Target Marker



Turn paradox into opportunity: Exploit the inconsistencies of the fractured timeline. Certain actions in the past might have unforeseen consequences in the future, creating opportunities to manipulate the flow of time.

Gain a tactical edge: Manipulate the flow of time for strategic advantage. Lure enemies into temporal traps, create diversions by altering past events, or exploit weaknesses exposed by witnessing their future demise.

Beware the risks: Paradoxes can lead to unforeseen consequences, potentially unraveling reality itself. Tread carefully when tampering with the flow of time, as even the smallest alteration can have catastrophic repercussions.

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