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40k – Warhammer Quest Blackstone Fortress: Escalation & Deadly Alliance

Hello Wargamer! Today we got for you bunch of expansions to co-op Games Workshop game Warhammer Quest Black Stone Fortress. In this entery we will be revealing Escalation and Deadly Alliance! Escalation is a huge one!

Chaos Lord – Obsidius Mallex is alive! His heretical servants have created fortress’ apocalyptic weapon systems. Time is ticking away! Using new explorers, will you be able to bring peace to Citadel of Mallex and save Precipice? In the box you will find handful of GW miniatures, such as: Retinue character, 4 Explorers, Chaos Cultist Firebrand and 7 Chaos Cultists.

In Deadly Alliance more challanges are awaiting! This expansion brings all new Trust mechanic to your game making it even more amplified! Do you have what it takes to cooperate with the mysterious Archivist and save the ancient space station? Along with the cards you will get fantastically designed Archivist, a Zoat carrying an atomic disassembler and an eradicactor glove.

Especially with minis from Escalation we went a little creative, painting them with our own color scheme. Zoat is based on the boxart with bunch of details added by our talented Artists 🙂 It was such a satisfying project! 🙂

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