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40k – Warhammer Quest Blackstone Fortress: No Respite & Traitor Command

Hello again! Another pack of Warhammer Quest Blackstone Fortress expansions – No Respite & Traitor Command.

No Respite is definitely a must-have to all Papa Nurgle enthusiasts as his blessings set foot on Blackstone Fortress! Exploreres under your command are the only one who can stop the spread.  Just like the Quest to End the Plagues, No Respite also attributes the rules for using Plague Marines and Poxwalkers in your other excursions! In the box, besides the cards you will get also 3 Plague Marines and 6 Poxwalkers.

Traitor Command adds to your collection 2 awesome miniatures – Chaos Ogryn and Traitor Commissar along with all new exciting missions for your Explorers. Will your brave team stop the ritual before it’s completed?

When it comes to painting part, it was pleasure to work with such a wonderful models! I guess the most challanging part were the Plague Marines as the miniatures carry a lot of details and there is always so much you can add!

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