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40k – Sister of Battle Army, Part III – Infantry

Howdy Wargamers!

Today we are finishing our little Sisters of Battle Army series. Hope you are enjoying it as much as we do! I believe, this part may catch the most of attention, as it is always very impressive to see such massive amounts of model! In this entry, we will be uncovering the Infantry units.

Projects of that scale are always challenging, yet tremendously exciting! On the photos, you’ll have an opportunity check out weeks and hundreds of hours of our passion and dedication to miniatures. To keep the army coherent, we decided to go for official boxart. In my opinion, original painting scheme really complements the look of those wonderful models. On the pictures you’ll find: Celestines, Seraphim Squads, Retributor Squads, Repentia Squads, Arco-flagellants, Zephyrim Squads. Stay tuned!

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