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40k – Deathwatch Vehicles and Infantry

“ Do not ask, ‘Why kill the alien?’ rather ask, ‘Why not?’ ”

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Today we want to show you some heavy vehicles and infantry from Deathwatch “Chapter” of Adeptus Astartes for Warhammer 40k. Keep sure you checked our other article with some Deathwatch heroes!

There are innumerable hostile alien civilisations in the Galaxy that can be a real threat to humanity itself. Necrons, Tyranids, Drukhari or Orks are only a few of them. The purpose of Deathwatch, a collection of veteran Space Marines from chapters that serves well for Imperial Inquisition, is to stand sentry against all of these Xenos races. The SM from this “Chapter” form the first and often only line of defense against those brute enemies.

Here you can see miniatures such as Legion Fellblade, Spartan, Cerberus, Falchion, Mastodon, Chaplain in 3 versions, Drednoughts, Outriders, Bladeguards and Eradicators.

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