Minis For War Painting Studio

30k – Leman Russ

No man nor beast could best the Wolf-King, no tribe could stand against his armies. Within Russ’ Kingdom a truce existed between Man and Wolf. His court was attended by the fiercest of warlords and the most beautiful of maidens. When angered he raged with the violence of summer, his wisdom was deep as the winter’s cold. And so in Asaheim, the home of the gods, the Allfather found his lost son.

We want to present to you Leman Russ, accompanied by his loyal and vicious guards. These monstrous wolves are capable of tearing even a Space Marine. The primarch of the Sixth Legion and his fellow Adeptus Astartes are capable to take any mission or campaign, no matter how brutal the fighting will be. Jump straight into the fight with Primarch of Space Wolves and his loyal wolf-kins!

Which Legion of Adeptus Astartes is your favorite? 

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