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space wolves

40k – Space Wolves

The fiercest warriors of the Imperium, the Space Wolves are a Chapter steeped in legend and tradition.

40k – Space Wolves Reinforcements

Unleash the Fury of the Vlka Fenryka: Learn About the Space Wolves of Warhammer 40,000 Space Wolves, also known as Vlka Fenryka in their native language, are a fearsome and legendary chapter of Space Marines in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. They hail from the harsh, ice-covered world of Fenris, which has shaped their warrior culture 40k – Space Wolves Reinforcements

40k – Space Wolves

“The Sons of Fenris they are, hardened in the forge of their harsh world, eager for battle and honour. They are the grey warriors, ashen like the wolf, whose greatest joy is to hear the clamour of steel amidst the din of war.” Hello there! Today we wanna show you a Space Wolves miniatures painted 40k – Space Wolves

30k – Leman Russ

“No man nor beast could best the Wolf-King, no tribe could stand against his armies. Within Russ’ Kingdom a truce existed between Man and Wolf. His court was attended by the fiercest of warlords and the most beautiful of maidens. When angered he raged with the violence of summer, his wisdom was deep as the 30k – Leman Russ

40k – Space Wolves Forces

Hello Wargamers! I hope you had a great Holidays time this year and received so many new models 🙂 Today I’d like to share some photos of Space Wolves our Artists painted in 2021. Below you may find detailed photos of a few units&heroes. We have faced quite intensive end of the 2021 – a 40k – Space Wolves Forces

30k – Burning Prospero Set

Hello Wargamers! The Horus Heresy doesn’t come up very often on our blog. Time to change it and Burning Prospero set is a great start 🙂 We painted two sides of conflict – Space Wolves supported by Custodes and Sisters of Silence and Thousand Sons led by Ahriman. Such a cool mix of units and 30k – Burning Prospero Set

40k – Space Wolves Repulsor

Howdy Wargamers! The Space Wolves, known in their own dialect as Vlka Fenryka, or Wolves of Fenris are one of the original XXI founding Space Marines legions. They were led, by their famous Primarch – Leman Russ. Once the VI legion of Astartes, raised by the Emperor at the Dawn of the Great Crusade. Space 40k – Space Wolves Repulsor

40k – Ragnar and Ghazghkull

They are finally here! We’ve been waiting so long for Ragnar and Ghazghkull to come out and recreate an epic battle! As some of you may know, Ragnar took on Ghazgkull in White Dwarf battle report and even then Black Mane was seeking to claim the head of the Orc Warlord. The history was also 40k – Ragnar and Ghazghkull

40k – Space Wolves Kill Team

Skirmish game in Warhammer 40k world? Absolutely! Today we would like to show you very cool game with well-known miniatures – Kill Team! We had tons of fan playing the game. If you are tiered moving tons of models, this one is for you! Commission painting services: