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Dungeons & Lasers – Ghost Dragon

Hello there!

Today we want to boast about a project that we painted for our partner @archonstudio a while ago. Here we want to showcase a Ghost Dragon which will be an awesome new part of their Dungeons & Lasers line. A work of one of our Artists was appreciated and now is a box art of this miniature. 

It needed a lot of involvement from our Painter, Ula, to keep all the details fine. She was inspired by Alioth from the Loki series by Marvel Studios. We’re so proud! 

We’ve been coworking with Archon Studio for quite a long time by now. Our adventure has its beginning with their Kickstarter Rampart Terrain campaign featuring some cool models in 2019. Since then, we have worked together a few times and we are always thrilled about new projects from them! They created games on a license of series like He-Man or Wolfenstein. Their upcoming new crowdfunding campaign will be a game based in the Heroes of Might and Magic universe (so nostalgic 🙂 )

We hope our partnership will flourish!

Over and out, MFW crew

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