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40k – T’au Empire Blue

T’au army ready to fight for the Greater Good

T’au units are known for their reliance on ranged weapons and high mobility, making them a popular choice for players who enjoy a more strategic, hit-and-run playstyle. Their weapons are often of high quality, with longer ranges and better accuracy than those of other factions. This makes T’au units particularly effective at dealing damage from a safe distance.

One of the key mechanics that sets T’au apart from other factions is the Markerlight system. This is a unique mechanic that allows T’au players to designate enemy units as targets for increased firepower. Markerlights can be fired by a variety of T’au units, and each successful hit adds a “marker” to the enemy unit. The more markers a unit has, the easier it is for other T’au units to hit it with their weapons.

Using Markerlights effectively requires a good understanding of the battlefield and the enemy army. T’au players must carefully prioritize their targets and use Markerlights strategically to take down key enemy units. For example, a heavily armored enemy tank might require several Markerlights to be taken down, while a group of lightly armored infantry might only need one.

T’au units are also notable for their mobility. Many T’au units have the Jetpack special rule, which allows them to move over terrain that would normally slow down other units. This makes T’au units highly maneuverable and difficult to pin down. Additionally, some T’au units have the Fly special rule, which allows them to move over other units and obstacles, making them even more versatile.

While T’au units excel at ranged combat, they can struggle in close combat. Most T’au units have low melee stats, and their weapons are often designed for long-range engagements. T’au players must be careful to avoid getting their units caught in close combat, as they can quickly be overwhelmed by enemy units with powerful melee weapons.

In summary, T’au gameplay is all about precision shooting and strategic movement. By using Markerlights to designate targets and taking advantage of their superior mobility, T’au players can dominate the battlefield from a safe distance. However, they must be careful to avoid getting caught in close combat, as their units are not well-suited for melee engagements.

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