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AoS – Chaos Daemons

Understanding the Dark Gods

The Chaos Gods, entities of immense power, embody the metaphysical force of Chaos itself. Their existence thrives within the Realm of Chaos, a dimension pulsating with magical energies.

Origins: Elemental Gods

Born from the collective emotions and desires of sentient beings across the Cosmos Arcane, Chaos Gods ascend when widespread sentiments coalesce into sentient denizens within the Realm of Chaos.

Rise and Fall of Dark Deities

Over eons, myriad Chaos Gods have emerged and vanished within the Realm of Chaos. The paramount ones, like Khorne, Nurgle, Slaanesh, Tzeentch, and the Great Horned Rat, command immense influence.


Monomaniacal Nature

Despite their god-like stature, they remain singularly fixated, embodying a sole emotion or concept. They constantly seek to bolster their power through mortal worship.

Influence on Mortals

Dependent on the emotions of sentient beings, the Dark Gods manipulate and corrupt mortal minds, bodies, and souls, aiming to convert all to their service and thus, dominate the cosmos.

Keeper of Secrets

Catastrophic Potential

Their victory would lead to catastrophic repercussions, potentially annihilating reality by dismantling the dimensional separation between Mortal Realms and the Realm of Chaos.

Relentless Pursuit of Chaos

Driven by their inherent nature, they relentlessly strive to disrupt order and logic, gazing covetously upon the Mortal Realms, aiming to destroy and reshape them.

Sloppity Bilepipper & Nurglings

Eternal Rivalry

In the ever-shifting Realm of Chaos, a perpetual rivalry ensues among the Dark Gods, engaged in the unending “Great Game” with their mortal and daemonic followers vying for dominance.

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