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40k – Emperor’s Children Army

Emperor’s Children – favorite Space Marine Legion of Chaos God Slaanesh

The Emperor’s Children Legion were initially created to be the most aesthetically and martially perfect of all the Space Marine Legions. They were led by their Primarch Fulgrim, who was discovered on the planet of Chemos. Fulgrim was known for his love of beauty and perfection and instilled these values in his Legion.

The Emperor’s Children were renowned for their combat skills and were considered to be some of the finest warriors in the Imperium. They excelled in all forms of combat, from close-quarters fighting to ranged combat, and were known for their precision and efficiency in battle.

In addition to their combat prowess, the Emperor’s Children were also known for their artistic achievements. They saw beauty and perfection as essential components of their warrior’s ethos and considered their accomplishments in art as essential to their overall success as Space Marines. This outlook led them to create some of the most beautiful and intricate works of art in the Imperium, ranging from epic symphonies to fine sculptures.

However, during the Horus Heresy, the Emperor’s Children were corrupted by the Chaos God Slaanesh. Their Primarch, Fulgrim, was swayed by the temptations of Chaos and led his Legion down a path of decadence and excess. They became obsessed with the idea of experiencing new and more intense forms of pleasure, and their pursuit of perfection turned into an insatiable hunger for sensation.

As a result of their corruption, the Emperor’s Children became known for their sadistic tendencies, often deriving pleasure from causing pain and suffering to their enemies. They also became infamous for their use of “sonic weapons,” which emitted deadly waves of sound that could kill or incapacitate their targets.

Many of the Emperor’s Children mutated physically as a result of their worship of Slaanesh, taking on grotesque and disturbing forms. However, they continued to see themselves as the most beautiful and perfect beings in existence, believing that their mutations were an improvement and that they were still superior to the uncorrupted.

Despite their corruption, the Emperor’s Children remain a powerful force in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. They continue to be skilled warriors and artists, and their obsession with perfection and pleasure-seeking has made them a dangerous and unpredictable enemy. They are known for their flamboyant appearance and colorful armor, and their signature purple and gold color scheme is instantly recognizable.

In battle, the Emperor’s Children are known for their fast-paced and aggressive fighting style. They often use lightning-fast strikes and flanking maneuvers to overwhelm their opponents, and their use of sonic weapons can disrupt enemy formations and cause chaos on the battlefield. Their love of art and beauty has also led them to develop unique tactics and strategies that are as elegant as they are deadly.

Despite their corruption, the Emperor’s Children have retained their dedication to perfection and their desire to be the best at everything they do. They continue to seek out new and more intense sensations and experiences, which often lead them to engage in acts of extreme violence and debauchery. Their pursuit of pleasure and perfection has made them feared and reviled by many, but also respected for their skill and determination.

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