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SW Legion – Small Projects

Clan Wren

Hello Wargamers!

I would like to share with you a couple of small SW: Legion projects we we have been painting over the past few months. As you may see on our workbenches we had almost all factions and different base styles. Legion has an enduring popularity and new releases are light years away from first PVC miniatures 😀 Soon I will be able to share with you A-A5 and LAAT/LE!

If you want to work with us and paint your models in our studio –

Z-74 Speeder

Pack of Heroes

Rebel AT-RT

Even more Z-74 in Endor Style

Another pack of heroes 🙂

Rebel Veterans – Endor

Rebel Veterans – Desert Planet

Order66 Republic Sniper Team – 3d printed models

1.4 FD Cannon – Endor

Rebel Veterans – Endor