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Star Wars: Legion – Mix of projects / March 2022

Hello Wargamers! Another month passed and our Artists prepared some cool Star Wars: Legion works for you. It is a mix of a few different commissions – all of them worth to share!  Today I’d like to show you: Spider Droid Tank Kalani Commander   NR-99 Persuader Lord Vader Operative   Agent Kallus Master Yoda Star Wars: Legion – Mix of projects / March 2022

SW Legion – Small Projects

Clan Wren Hello Wargamers! I would like to share with you a couple of small SW: Legion projects we we have been painting over the past few months. As you may see on our workbenches we had almost all factions and different base styles. Legion has an enduring popularity and new releases are light years SW Legion – Small Projects

Star Wars: Legion – Clan Wren

Hello Wargamers! How are you guys doing today? In this entry, I’d like to show you bunch of Clan Wren units painted by our Studio! Personally I am a huge fan of Clan Wren squad, probably my favorite troop models within entire range of Star Wars: Legion. Love their design and dynamic sculpts, especially those Star Wars: Legion – Clan Wren