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Shatterpoint – Obi-Wan Kenobi Strike Team Overview

Obi-Wan Kenobi, Clone Commander Cody, 212th Clone Troopers in Star Wars: Shatterpoint

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We know that you’re waiting for the upcoming Star Wars: Shatterpoint and we are here to meet your expectations! In this series of articles we will describe every Strike Team that will come to this new Skirmish Game. 

Today we will go with Obi-Wan Kenobi and his friends and subordinates – CC-2224 Clone Commander Cody and 212th Clone Troopers!

General Obi-Wan Kenobi

We will start with Kenobi himself!

In terms of abilities Obi-Wan is a good, supportive Primary Unit that can also hit hard. His supportive potential comes from Knowledge and Defense ability, which allows allied units to not lose Hunker tokens when they’re engaged. In addition, if an engaged Galactic Republic unit has a Hunker token, it adds 1 defense dice to its dice pool against melee attacks. As an icing on cake Unit that was defending can remove any number of Hunker tokens to heal that much damage and then perform a dash. This ability may change the course of battle pretty quickly.

As activated abilities Kenobi has Hello There! and So uncivilized…. First one allows him to perform a jump and after that he will add 3 dice to his attack pool of his next attack during this activation. Quite a useful ability that provides you with decent “firepower”. Second one is a Defensive option. When he is targeted by an attack he can gain a Hunker token (immediately, which means it’ll be in effect during that defense), and then when there are any “blank results” you can deal 3 damage straight into your opponent’s miniatures!

Last ability is Patience. This one lets him wait for the perfect occasion to strike, delaying his activation as much as possible and providing you with a good profit. He can heal himself as well as even move.

10 Stamina and 3 Durability means that you will need to take 30+ damage to become defeated, but his abilities can extend this to even more.

Now we need to talk about his Stances as this is an important thing for the Primary unit. 

Form IV Ataru  is an aggressive stance, providing 7 dice with melee attacks (defense is similar to Soresu, but conversions are kinda more aggressive in this stance too). Scoring 5-6 hits leads to 7-9 damage and can provide you some pushes, a jump or give your opponent conditions such as Disarm, Pinned or Exposed.

Form III Soresu is a bit more utility stance. Scoring 4 hits leads to only 6-7 damage, but can provide you 3-4 healing, move/jump/push and conditions such as Strained, Pinned or Disarm.

CC-2224 Clone Commander Cody

Cody, one of the most loyal subordinates and friends of Obi-Wan (cries in Order 66), is his dedicated Secondary Unit.

Cody comes with a very good set of supportive and utility abilities that cannot be ignored. At the start of his activation he can use his We’ve Got a Big Problem ability to choose one enemy in range 5 and give him Exposed condition. It’s a powerful tool that can easily get rid of your opponent’s valuable unit, especially if it has a good conversion in defense. Defensive Maneuver is a common ability for Clone Troopers by now and let you dash, then take one Hunker token for yourself. It is good with Obi-Wan’s Knowledge and Defense ability. Another astounding ability is Bring it Down! It allows you to reroll 2 blanks for Clone Troopers ranged attacks as long as they’re in range 4 of Cody and have Hunker token. This ability is one of the things you want to abuse a lot to make dice statistics better. 

Last ability in Cody’s arsenal is Say Goodnight, Clankers! When Cody attacks he has Sharpshooter 2 (2 extra dice when he focuses before attack) and ignores Covers (remember that Hunker tokens give your opponent a Cover, so he ignores them too).

9 stamina and 2 durability means that Cody needs 18+ damage to be defeated.

In terms of Stance Card, Cody’ Concentrated Firepower is very aggressive. In 5-6 hits he is able to do at least 6-8 damage (which can be extended by his conversion table to 7-8). In addition, Cody is able to give your opponent a Pinned or Strained condition, Push him or even activate his Defensive Maneuver ability without paying its cost. 

212th Clone Troopers

Last unit in today’s article is 212th Clone Troopers – subordinates of Cody and Kenobi during the Clone Wars .

This unit is made of 2 miniatures and comes with a Point Cost of 4. They share Defensive Maneuver with Cody (as I told before, it’s a common ability alongside Clone Troopers). They give different condition from Coordinated Fire than their Brothers from 501st Legion (Pinned instead of Strained), but they share Brothers in Arms ability with them.

7 stamina and 2 durability means that your opponent is obligated to deal at least 14 damage to them, before they will be defeated.

Their Stance Card, Bullseye Training, is amazing, especially as they’re just a Supporting Unit. After scoring 4 hits you are able to deal 6 damage to defender (8 including conversion tree), Push him and provide conditions such as Pinned or Exposed. That means there will be opportunities when they can single handedly wound a Primary Unit.  Their melee defense isn’t good so you want to keep distance from your opponent’s melee fighters and harass your opponent from a distance.

Thank you for reading today’s article and see you in the next one, where we will cover Asajj Ventress and her Droids.

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