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Shatterpoint – Anakin Skywalker Strike Team Overview

Anakin, Rex and 501st Legion Clone Troopers in Star Wars: Shatterpoint

Hello everyone!

We know that you’re waiting for the upcoming Star Wars: Shatterpoint and we are here to meet your expectations! In this series of articles we will describe every Strike Team that will come to this new Skirmish Game. 

Today we will begin with Anakin Skywalker and his subordinates and friends – Captain Rex and 501st Legion Clone Troopers!

Anakin Skywalker

We will start with Anakin himself 🙂

Anakin offers one more Force Point than other regular Primary Units but has one less Squad Point. This means that you will be a little bit limited when you’ll try to swap his Secondary or Support Unit (this may change with future releases).

In terms of abilities Anakin promotes aggressive gameplay due to his I’m Going to End This and This is where the Fun Begins abilities. First one gives you an additional attack after making the first one. This combines well with the second ability which “scores you a victory point” every time you Wound an enemy’ Primary or Secondary Unit (you wound an enemy, when after your attack damage on your opponent unit is equal or exceeds your opponent Stamina). After making two consecutive attacks with Anakin you can wound an enemy pretty easily (especially after comboing him with his Clones attacks and abilities). 

In addition Anakin has an ability to make a Force Jump (additional moves are always good in this game as you want to move around the board rather than stay at one place). His abilities are supplemented with Deflect, a defensive ability that allows you to deal two damage to enemy’ unit after defending against Ranged Attack.

11 Stamina and 3 Durability means that you will need to take 33+ damage to become defeated and this is a lot of health!

Now we need to talk about his Stances as this is an important thing, especially for aggressive playstyle. 

Form V Djem So is a more aggressive stance, providing 8 dice with melee attacks, but exposes Anakin a bit with only 5 defense dice. After attack, if you score 6 Hits you will deal 10 Damage, which is enough to wound most of the units. In addition Anakin in this stance can give your opponent condition tokens such as Pinned or Strained as well as perform Jump, Push or even move.

Form V Shien is a bit more defensive stance. Anakin increases his defense dice pool by one, at the cost of reducing his melee potential by one die. In addition, he has better conversions when defending. When scoring 5 hits Anakin can deal 6-8 damage, but his Combat Tree has more utility options. In this Stance he can heal himself or his allies as well as Push/Move/Jump or Disarm an opponent.

CC-7567 Captain Rex

Clone Captain Rex, long-term friend of Anakin, is his dedicated Secondary Unit.

CC-7567 comes with a cost of four points and a lot of utility abilities. After he activates he can target one Galactic Republic Unit you control (including himself) to perform a Dash and gain a Hunker token due to Get a Move On, Soldier. Another utility ability in his arsenal is Bring It On, Clankers – it allows an allied Clone Trooper unit in range 3 to perform a Heal action after gaining a Hunker token (and this works with Rex too as he is within Range 3 of himself every time). Another kind-of-utility ability is Brothers in Arms which makes Rex immune to the first Push your opponent will make after attack as long as you have a Hunker token on him. Defensive Maneuver is a common ability of Clone Troopers and allows you to Dash, then gain Hunker token.

But our Clone Captain also has an aggressive ability in his loadout. I’m Always First, Kid allows you to dash with him and make 5 dice attack after a Clone Trooper Supporting Unit within range 3 makes a Combat Action (Rex must choose the same target).

9 stamina and 2 durability means that Rex needs 18+ damage to be defeated. Nearly two times less than Anakin.

In terms of Stance Card, Tactical Supremacy, Rex has 7 attack and 5 defense dice in both ranged and melee attacks. Scoring 5 hits allow Rex to deal 4-7 damage as well as Push/Move, make a double Heal action or provide your opponent with conditions like Pinned or Exposed.

501st Clone Troopers

Last unit in today’s article are 501st Clone Troopers – subordinate Legion of Anakin Skywalker.

This unit is made of 2 miniatures and comes with Point Cost of 3. They share Defensive Maneuver and Brothers in Arms abilities with their Captain. Unique Ability for them is Coordinated Fire: Strained. It allows you to give your opponent Strained condition BEFORE you roll attack dice as a part of Combat Action of your another Galactic Republic unit (word “before” is important in case we get Exposed version of this ability)

7 stamina and 2 durability means that your opponent is obligated to deal at least 14 damage to them, before they will be defeated.

Their Stance Card, Advanced Combat Training, is not stunning, but provides you with some utilities. After scoring 5 hits you are able to deal 4-5 damage to your opponent, Push, make a move as well as Heal and provide your opponent with conditions such as Pinned or Strained. Their melee defense isn’t good so you want to keep distance from your opponent’s melee fighters and harass your opponent from a distance.

Thank you for reading today’s article and see you in the next one, where we will cover Ahsoka, Bo-Katan Kryze and Clan Kryze Mandalorians.

If you want to have beautifully painted Shatterpoint miniatures, just contact us!

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