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Historical Wargames – 7 Years War in 10 mm scale

Hello Wargamers!

Today we got a treat for all historical wargames enthusiasts! In this entry, we will be featuring 7 Years War in 10 mm scale!

The Seven Years War is one of the most important historical event of 18th century. It took place from 1756 to 1763 and involved majority of the nations of Europe, with the Kingdom of Britain and their allies on one side, and the Kingdom of France and their allies on the other. Some consider it as a first real “world war”. Anglo-Prussian coalition victory completely changed the face of future European politics.

I am extremely excited to reveal this projects! To this day, I am still impressed how majestic miniatures look together in this composition. 10 mm scale-projects are always a very challenging painting-wise, especially large-numbered historical ones. Before starting the commission, we spent a lot of time analyzing books and data, to achieve as historically correct painting schemes, as possible. Amount of effort taken was enormous, but at this point I’m 100% sure it was worth it!

On the picture, you will find lots of different armies inc. British, Hanoverian, Prussian and Hesse-Kassel forces. Stay tuned.

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