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Commission Painting: Owning a Piece of Art, Not Just a Miniature

Miniatures have their history begun in Ancient Egypt with the game of Senet. As years went by, the tabletop games became more popular, like Chess (that has its origins in Northern India in the 6th century. The first official complex “rule set” was created by Georg von Reiswitz in the early 19th century for his own personal use. It was a crucial part of training for his soldiers on battlefield maneuvers. 

After World War Two the tabletop wargames became more popular among civilians to finally reach its “boom” in 1987 when the first “Warhammer” miniatures was released. From that time, this hobby spread around the globe to become one of the popular forms of spending free time or even competing. 

But from their humble beginning, miniatures’ role hasn’t changed. This is to bring characters and worlds to life on the tabletop. 

But have you ever considered the “magic” of commissioned miniatures? These ones aren’t just painted figures; they’re unique works of art tailored to your vision.

Warhammer 40.000 - Angron, Daemon Primarch of Khorne
3D Printed Miniature - Devil Yoronian

Benefits of Commission Painting

Here’s why you should consider commissioning your miniatures:

  • Save Time: Painting miniatures takes dedication and months of practice. Commissioning frees you to focus on gaming and collecting, while an experienced artist brings your collection to life.


  • A Brushstroke of Character: Every miniature tells a story. Our artists capture the essence of your character, breathing life and personality into each piece.


  • Beyond the Paint: Imagine a miniature that isn’t just painted, but a tiny masterpiece. With a commission, you get a work of art that will shine across the battlefield. Your favorite characters will be “live” like never before!

Examples of our Recent Commissions

A Song of Ice and Fire - Queen’s Man
Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings - Fenr Beastpack Wargs
Marvel Crisis Protocol - 3D Printed Terrains
Horus Heresy - Night Lords Terminators
Legions Imperialis - Legions Astartes Support
LotR - Azogh

Ready to transform your miniatures from just plastic figures to “living” masterpieces? Let’s discuss your vision and bring your collection to the next level.

You can also check our instagram for more examples 🙂

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