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Board Games – Skytear

Hello Wargamers!

Today we are presenting you one of the coolest board games of 2020. When I first found out about the concept, I was very excited about it, yet quite sceptical, if it’s really possible to transfer MOBA games experience to the table top. Considering how passionate League of Legends/ DotA/ Smite community is, it either had to be truly amazing game or it would be instantly categorized as a dud. Surprisingly, it actually meet all my expectations! I’m planning to post an article regarding the gameplay, so won’t be focusing too much on it right now.

Painting-wise the game is really a blast! In the box you will find tons of fantastically designed and manufactured miniatures, including heroes, minions and an alien! I am amazed, how well the producer caught the MOBA vibe, minis look just how you would imagine them! Our team had pleasure to paint the whole Core Set to a high level. Painting job was inspired by original schemes with some extra features added by our Artists. I am extremely happy with final effects, soon, we will be sharing some Skytear expansions. Stay tuned!

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