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Board games – Skytear Expansions

Hello Wargamers! It is so good to start a new week with good board game. We had a chance to work with Skytear models in the past  and this time I’d like to share with you some expansions. Skytear is MOBA game transferred to cards, models and real gameboard. I did not have a chance Board games – Skytear Expansions

Board Games – Skytear and He-Man

Hello Wargamers! We love board games with miniatures because they have so many unique sculpts! Today I’d like to show you models from MOBA-style Skytear and upcoming Kickstarter project – He-Man from Archon Studio. Both projects painted in “official” colour schemes. Enjoy! 🙂 If you want to paint your models from board game ->

Board Games – Skytear

Hello Wargamers! Today we are presenting you one of the coolest board games of 2020. When I first found out about the concept, I was very excited about it, yet quite sceptical, if it’s really possible to transfer MOBA games experience to the table top. Considering how passionate League of Legends/ DotA/ Smite community is, Board Games – Skytear