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Board Game – District 9

“I’m not going to lie, I believe that aliens are already here.” Hello there! Here we want to present you District 9: The Board Game, a competitive 2–4 person game that allows players to rediscover the sci-fi classic from a completely different angle. By interacting with the local populace, recognizable characters, and other players while Board Game – District 9

Board Game – Conquest of Planet Earth

Hello there! We want to show you a board game named Conquest on Planet Earth Publisher described it as a “fast paced game of terrifying alien invaders, futile human resistance, and 50’s SciFi Movie Action”. Players will take the role of distinct alien races, all part of invading armada, but each with their own unique Board Game – Conquest of Planet Earth

Board Game – Project:ELITE

Hello there! Today we want to show you a board game titled Project: ELITE. In this game, players are members of the ELITE squad on a mission to stop the invading forces of an alien empire. Stopping the invasion requires players to speedily roll dice as they take part in real-time, two-minute combat rounds against Board Game – Project:ELITE

40k – Tyranid Biotitan (Alien vibes)

  Hello Wargamers! Another great project from our Studio. Biotitan is one of the biggest models in Warhammer 40k and main super-heavy for Tyranid army. Miniature was a challenge for our assembling team because it is not well-balanced and legs are fragile / thin. Some are not only glued but also pinned with steel rod. 40k – Tyranid Biotitan (Alien vibes)

Board Games: Aliens – Another Glorious Day in the Corps

Hello Wargamers! Any cool plans for the weekend? Today, we would like to present you a board game, based on iconic movie: Alien.It is a great option for to any co‑operative survival board game fans. You and your team of specialist Colonial Marines will gear up with serious firepower and head into Hadley’s Hope to Board Games: Aliens – Another Glorious Day in the Corps

Board Games – Shadows of Brimstone

Howdy Wargamers! Shadows of Brimstone is a fast-paced, 1-4 players cooperative, dungeon-crawl board game set in the horror world of Old West. You and your friends will be creating characters and taking roles of a classic Western Hero Archetype inc. Saloon Girl. the Law Man, or Gunslinger, to explore dark mines full of ancient demons Board Games – Shadows of Brimstone

40k – Tyranid Ladybugs

Hello Wargamers! Majority of our projects are inspired by original box art, as they are usually pretty well-thought and match models look perfectly. But… we do love working with custom projects, especially those with background stories! During the fall time, we got an extremely interesting and quite unusual request. One of our Client got in 40k – Tyranid Ladybugs

Board Games – Skytear

Hello Wargamers! Today we are presenting you one of the coolest board games of 2020. When I first found out about the concept, I was very excited about it, yet quite sceptical, if it’s really possible to transfer MOBA games experience to the table top. Considering how passionate League of Legends/ DotA/ Smite community is, Board Games – Skytear