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Board Games – Shadows of Brimstone

Howdy Wargamers!

Shadows of Brimstone is a fast-paced, 1-4 players cooperative, dungeon-crawl board game set in the horror world of Old West. You and your friends will be creating characters and taking roles of a classic Western Hero Archetype inc. Saloon Girl. the Law Man, or Gunslinger, to explore dark mines full of ancient demons and other forms of pure evil! Due to very interesting gameplay, based on lots of dice and a robust card-driven exploration system none of the games will be the same!

Along with great rules, comes box, full of top-class miniatures. Sculpts are truly amazing, coming in many different poses, packed with details. Quality is great, working on those was a real pleasure. I believe they should appeal to gamers, who enjoy alien-horror vibes.

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