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LotR – Selection of Good Heroes


What’s up Wargamers?

It’s been quite a while, since we shared some LotR content 🙂 I believe one of major problems, MESBG players need to face is lack of options, for existing profiles. Somehow GW never released mtd. version of Elendil and Isildur on the horse has been OOP for ages. Do we have any other options, than converting them ourselves? Luckly, 3rd party suppliers, such like Davale Games come with the solution!

I am a great fan of their miniatures, mostly due to interesting poses, great proportions and overall quality. During summer time we had pleasure to work with small selection of Good Heroes. Isildur and Elendil comes from manufacturer mentioned above, Ganadalf, Éowyn and Merry are original Games Workshop models. Miniatures were painted to a high standard with rather classic color combination. In my opinion, results are more than satisfying! Hope you’ll like them too!

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