Minis For War Painting Studio

40k – Harlequins Army

“For the Harlequins there is no distinction between art and war; they are the archetypal warrior poets, travelling the labyrinthine expanses of the Webway, bringing enlightenment to their audiences and certain death to the servants of darkness.”


Howdy Wargamers!

Mysterious and enigmatic even to other members of their species, the Harlequins are a the unique fraction of the Eldars. They are dedicated to the entity known as the Laughing God. The harlequins are a nomadic people, who operate with complete autonomy, holding no allegiance to any but the Laughing God. As a result, they are welcome to come and go as they please throughout the Eldary society – be it upon the craftworlds, the planets of the Exodites or even Dark Realm of Commorragh in order to perform their intricate theatrics, detaling the history of the Eldars. They are seen by some as the deadliest warriors of their entire race.

Painting Harlequins is always a very satysfing, yet incredibly challenging project. Possibilites are just unlimited, the crazier and more unusual color combination is – the better! On the other hand, access to the endless options can be quite overwhelming. In our army, you will find: Shadowseer, Soltaire, Death Jester, Skyweavers, Starweavers and hordes of Harlequin Troupes. Stay tuned 🙂

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