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AoS – Cities of Sigmar

Exploring the Magnificence of the Cities of Sigmar: Foundations and Growth

The Cities of Sigmar, also known as Free Cities, emerged as bastions of Order in the aftermath of the Realmgate Wars. Strategically built around Realmgates and Geomantic Nexuses, these cities stand as pivotal locations in Sigmar’s tireless crusade against Chaos.

Origins: Pioneering the Bastions of Order

The foundational phase commenced during the tumultuous Realmgate Wars when Sigmar’s Stormhosts valiantly battled to claim the Gates of Azyr from Death, Orruks, and Chaos. These wars birthed the first Cities of Sigmar, with Stormkeeps serving as fortresses enabling the populace to thrive in the Mortal Realms without fear.

Evolution and Expansion

Hammerhal, the Twin-Tailed City, stood as the grandest among these metropolises, sprawled across Aqshy and Ghyran. Yet, numerous other Cities of Sigmar, like Living City, Phoenicium, and Greywater Fastness, swiftly rose in grandeur. As the Stormhosts liberated more Realmgates, diverse Stormkeeps sprouted, each a testament to the varied Stormhosts.

Construction and Growth

The meticulous process of city construction involved identifying ley-lines and magical fonts for Stormkeep placement. Collaborating with mortal labor, including Duardin, Humans, and Aelves, the Stormcast Eternals raised awe-inspiring fortresses. Once complete, defense fortifications and Freeguild bastions ensured security, while Sigmarite priests cleansed the land of Chaos’s taint.

The Flourishing Settlements

From sanctification to clearance and foundation laying, the cities gradually took shape. With concentric walls and the Stormkeep as the nucleus, industries flourished, attracting settlers from diverse backgrounds. Despite challenges, cities expanded, fostering varied cultures within Sigmar’s empire.

Diversity and Challenges

Each Free City embodies uniqueness, shaped by Stormhosts, cultures, industries, and perils of the surrounding lands. While successful cities thrive, numerous others succumb to the relentless battles, leaving behind ruins scattered across realms.

The Cities of Sigmar stand as testaments to resilience, blending cultures and histories while safeguarding Order amid the chaos of the Mortal Realms.

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