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40k – Kataphron Battle Servitors

Hello Wargamers!

The source of most of the Servitors is usually prisoners. These are men and women, who have committed wide varieties of crime, from stealing food, to murder sprees. Those criminals are given a second chance by the Cult Mechanicus. They are mind-wiped and chemically lobotomised, so majority of their personality and memories are washed away.

One of the most infamous Servitors are the Kataphron Battle Servitors. This specimen goes through a slightly different process than average lobotomised servant. After having their minds scrambled, they are cut in half and permanently shuttered in track-motion unit. No sacrifice is too great for Omnissiah!

Our team had pleasure to paint and magnetize this unit for a passionate Gamer, who also set us up with reference model. The job was to copy the scheme as closely as possible. It is always a very challenging task, as each painter has an own, unique style. Underneath you’ll find pictures of 4 models. Can you guess which one is the original one? 🙂

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