Minis For War Painting Studio

40k – Chaos Knights Army

Hello Wargamers!


Games Workshop just announced release of a new Codex for Chaos Knights Army. Some new models and refreshed rules are coming and our team is ready for next commissions!

Not so long ago we finished painting of solid Chaos Forces – Knight Rampager, Knight Desacrator, Knight Tyrant and three smaller War Dogs. Our main goal was to keep the paint job in intense colors, adding battle damage and yellow and black warning stripes. All Knights are dedicated to Chaos God Khorne so red and gold are the theme of these models. 

All weapons are magnetized so the composition of the army list is very flexible. We also mixed some freehands and decals to boost the overall number of details on miniatures.


If you want to create your own, amazing forces with our Studio – send us a message: