Minis For War Painting Studio

40k – Astra Militarum Tanks & Spartan

Hello everyone! You know what they say – boys never grow, their toys are just getting bigger! So today we got for you some pretty cool toys! Get ready for Astra Militarum Tanks & Spartan.

Astra Militarum is the largest organized fighting force in the Galaxy consisted of uncounted billions men and armored vehicles. They serve as humianity’s reactionary force, used to crush invading Xenos and Chaos armies alike under the weight of Imperial sledgehammer.

Models themselves are just fantastic, brilliantly designed with a lot of details to pick up! We wanted to give them a realistic look, painted with variety of greens to imitate the camouflage. Also spent some time on the tracks. As you can see we’ve added rust effect to make it even more interesting. I think they will appeal not only to Warhammer fans 🙂

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