W40K – Crimson Fists Forces I

Today some old table top works – two Tactical Squads, Assault Squad (which you can see in previous posts), Land Speeders and heavy Stormraven – flying Land Raider. And yes, I drilled heavy bolter barrels after photo sesion 🙂 I know that there are no longer texts here – I`ll try to do something with[…]

W40K – CSM Forgefiend / Maulerfiend I

Hello Bloggers! We are one step closer to the finish of CSM army project. Today you may see mighty Forgefiend/Maluerfiend machine. Beast made of steel and weapons, possesed by daemons is a deadly danger on battlefield. Miniature is magnetized. I hope you like it! Follow our blog to see the final post 🙂

W40K – Eldar Fire Prism Squadron

Hey Wargamers! Painting process of Eldar vehicles = soooo much fun. I did not expect that, really 🙂 Today you may see Fire Prism Squadron – three offensive anit-gravs painted by me few weeks ago. Below you may find some pictures and second vesion of vehicles – Night Spinner (weapons on magnets). Enjoy!

Warhammer 40K – CSM – Rhino II

Moar Rhinos! In all SM or CSM armies you may find Rhino transporters… dozens of Rhinos! It`s the main vehicle of all chapters and a platform for many different tanks and support weapons. In this post you may find another vehicle. I hope you like it – check out other CSM units on our blog![…]