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WarCry – Stormcast Eterlans

Hello Wargamers! In this entry we would like to introduce you to our very new WarCry commission – Stormcast Eternals! Stormcast Eternals are one of the most powerful races in the Mortal Realms. They are demigods, a combination of Sigmar’s energy and human body, the embodiments of Sigmar in the Mortal Realms. Those true hero of legends are nearly immortal, when their physical formation is slain, Stormcast Eternals are summoned back to Blessed Azyr to be reforeged and sent to battle again. The painting job is a little different what you would expect to see on Stormcast Eternals. We wanted to break the pattern and see how they will look in more real, earthy & blue colors. Imho the results are pretty satisfying. Be sure to stay tuned and follow us on social media!

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