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Terrains – Tabletop Scenics

Hello everyone!

This is entry is immensely special for us. Couple months ago we started a collaboration with our friends from Kromlech – Polish tabletop miniature company, manufacturing and distributing high quality miniatures, accessories and scenery for miniature games. They were about to release bunch of new terrain pieces from Tabletop Scenics gaming series and needed some marketing assets. We immediately felt in love with their products and found it an honor to participate in the project! When the prototype pieces came to our studio, we were just amazed with quailty and how interesting the design was. Kromlech wanted it to look realistic, yet interesting. We painted them using mostly different tones of grey and finished off with some strong highlights. Pretty happy we were able to make Kromlech’s vision come true. Be sure to check out Ruined Residence, Ruined Habitat, Collapsed Habitat, Collapsed Residence and Long Cargo Containters on their website 🙂

Cannot describe how happy we were, when we got official boxes with our photos on the front side! It was just priceless! I guess it’s like hearing your own music on the radio, but in commission painting industry 😀

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