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AoS – Gloomspite Arachnorok Spider and Wood Elves Wardancers

Hello Wargamers! It’s been quite a while since we published anything Age of Sigmar related. Today is the day, hope you’ll enjoy it! 🙂

I’d like to start with Gloomspite Arachnorok Spider, I was pretty excited when we agreed on painting that model. The pose is really dynamic, there is a lot of going on. There are also eight Spiderfang Grot crew for the howdah, which we painted with toxic green. Very pleased how they stand out on reddish-brown carapace.

2nd part will be dedicated to one of the most iconic fantasy models – Wood Elves Wardancers. The design is just flawless, you can really feel their lightness. Need to admit I am huge fan of AoS! Green is definitely a dominant color, as you might imagine with Wood Elves. Nothing fancy, but sometimes less is more 🙂

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