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40k – What’s inside upcoming Leviatan Box?

Leviatan – a new starter set box for 10th Edition of Warhammer 40k Hello Wargamers! As many of you may know, preorders for the Leviatan box started last saturday! This Starter Set will revolutionize your Warhammer 40k games forever. But we are today to tell you what exactly you could find in this particular set. 40k – What’s inside upcoming Leviatan Box?

40k – Genestealer Cult Army

“In the sunless body of our Hive, the flock of the faithful grows. We are guided by our Great Father’s sacred vision, protected by his loving hands. Within these holy shadows we dwell, while the impure bathe in spire-top starlight. And what lies between those stars? What sails beyond those distant suns? Shrouded in night, 40k – Genestealer Cult Army

40k – Tyranid Ladybugs II

Hello Wargamers! I’d like to share next wave of red-ladybug style Tyranids. This time a few huge monsters and support units: Hive Tyrant Dimachaeron Tyrant Guard Warriors Zoanthropes and much more! All models painted by our great Artists ­čÖé If you want to place a commission – send us a message:

40k – Tyranid Biotitan (Alien vibes)

  Hello Wargamers! Another great project from our Studio. Biotitan is one of the biggest models in Warhammer 40k and main super-heavy for Tyranid army. Miniature was a challenge for our assembling team because it is not well-balanced and legs are fragile / thin. Some are not only glued but also pinned with steel rod. 40k – Tyranid Biotitan (Alien vibes)

40k – Tyranid Ladybugs

Hello Wargamers! Majority of our projects are inspired by original box art, as they are usually pretty well-thought and match models look perfectly. But… we do love working with custom projects, especially those with background stories! During the fall time, we got an extremely interesting and quite unusual request. One of our Client got in 40k – Tyranid Ladybugs

40k – Genestealer Cult, Kill Team

Howdy Wargamers! I believe many of you are familiar with Warhammer 40k, but did you have a chance to try out it’s spin-off? Kill team is a fast-paced skirmish game taking action in 41st Millenium, I bet it will appeal to all RPG fans! The fun starts with the very first stage! Before the battle 40k – Genestealer Cult, Kill Team

40k – Genestealer Cults Army Showcase

Hello Wargamers! Yesterday we treated AoS fans, today we got something for 40k enthusiasts! Genestealer Cults are one of the infiltration methods utilized by the High Fleets of the Tyranid race. These cults are effectively hidden societies, found throughout the populous of many races, but most common within the Imperium of Man. They are comprised 40k – Genestealer Cults Army Showcase

40k – Tyranid Hierophant Biotitan

Hello Wargamers! Today I would like to show you really unique project made by our artists. It is converted Tyranid Biotitan, created for one of our customers. The main conversion is the big, bio-sack under the body, full of slim, bile and Termagaunts. It was really challenging project and I am so happy to be 40k – Tyranid Hierophant Biotitan

40k – Tyranid Hierodules

Hey Wargamers! Today I would like to share with you massive Tyranid Hierodules painted by one of our artists. These beasts are really huge! We also converted them a bit and now they have big bio-cannons on the top ­čÖé Miniatures are detailed, dynamic and strong on the battle table. Enjoy small gallery of these 40k – Tyranid Hierodules

40k – Tyranid / Genestealers

[:pl]  Ostatni wpis po┼Ťwi─Öcony jednostkom armii Genokultu! Dwudziestka Genokrad├│w stanowi ┼éadne dope┼énienie si┼é, kt├│re mogli┼Ťcie obejrze─ç w wielu poprzednich postach. Postanowi┼éem zachowa─ç fioletowo-pomara┼äczowy schemat, by armia mia┼éa sp├│jn─ů kolorystyk─Ö. Powoli udaje mi si─Ö umieszcza─ç zdj─Öcia wszystkich starszych projekt├│w. Jak mo┼╝ecie zauwa┼╝y─ç, staram si─Ö przeplata─ç takie wpisy innymi, nowszymi pracami naszego studia. W najbli┼╝szej przysz┼éo┼Ťci chcia┼ébym 40k – Tyranid / Genestealers