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40k – What’s inside upcoming Leviatan Box?

Leviatan – a new starter set box for 10th Edition of Warhammer 40k

Hello Wargamers!

As many of you may know, preorders for the Leviatan box started last saturday! This Starter Set will revolutionize your Warhammer 40k games forever. But we are today to tell you what exactly you could find in this particular set.

At the start, there will be a total of 72 miniatures (25 Space Marines and 47 Tyranids) including brand new sculpts for existing miniatures as well as whole new characters and units. There is also a new rulebook and Chapter Approved Mission Deck. Without further ado, we will go straight to the miniatures as this is probably the most interesting part of this box!

Captain in Terminator Armour

This one is the first time we get Captain Rank Space Marine in Terminator Armour. His scenic base demonstrates the half-buried head of Screamer-Killer, highlighting his competition in dealing with such a creature. Boxart represents Severus Agemman, but don’t worry, he is Chapter-agnostic, so you can paint him as any Chapter you like.

Librarian in Terminator Armour

Another HQ in this mighty armor will be a fine addition to every Adeptus Astartes army. Previously we only had a Blood Angels Librarian in that kind of armor, but this one is Chapter-agnostic as the Captain mentioned above. His Power Armour is covered in runic ornamentations, protecting himself from opponent’s psionic attacks.

Lieutenant with Combi-flamer

Adorned with several Tyranid trophies that definitely defy Codex regulations, this independent warrior is not one to conform. The alien chitin carapace covering his right shoulder and arm will prove advantageous in protecting him from the corrosive ichor that coats his blade. Furthermore, if you take notice of the knife embedded in his scenic base, you’ll realize that this Phobos Lieutenant has now wielded three knives, a significant upgrade indeed.

Apothecary Biologis

This new Apothecary Biologis differs from traditional doctors as he assumes the role of a scientist. In the heat of battle, he forgoes the conventional narthecium and instead dons formidable Gravis armor, enabling him to actively engage on the front lines. Equipped with state-of-the-art vivispectrum technology integrated into his backpack and wrist, he meticulously scrutinizes fallen adversaries to uncover their vulnerabilities and gather invaluable knowledge.

Terminator Squad

Brand new sculpts for one of the most recognizable units among Space Marines. Terminators are legendary warriors encased in hulking suits of Tactical Dreadnought Armor, commonly known as Terminator Armor. These heavily armored veterans are equipped with devastating weaponry and possess incredible resilience, making them formidable adversaries on the battlefield. With their unyielding determination and indomitable will, Terminators strike fear into the hearts of their enemies, embodying the relentless nature of warfare

Sternguard Veterans

The Sternguard Veterans are unparalleled experts in the art of wielding the revered boltgun, and they enter the fray armed with a diverse selection of lethal bolter variations. While predominantly donning Tacticus armor, their suits have been embellished with venerated relics and augmented with components from earlier armor marks, serving as tangible symbols of their esteemed rank within the Chapter. With their mastery of weaponry and the resplendent modifications to their armor, the Sternguard Veterans embody the epitome of skill and status, ready to face any challenge that confronts them on the battlefield.

Infernus Squad

Due to the immense success and popularity of the Pyreblaster weapon within the ranks of the Black Templars Crusader squads, it comes as no shock that other Space Marine Chapters have eagerly adopted this formidable armament. These specialized Infernus Squads have emerged as the perfect solution to counter the relentless threat posed by the Tyranids. The devastating power and efficiency of the Pyreblasters make them an indispensable asset on the battlefield, ensuring the eradication of the Tyranid menace with relentless and scorching fury.

Ballistus Dreadnought

New kinds of Dreadnoughts are always good to see. The Ballistus Dreadnought combines the modern Redemptor chassis with classic Dreadnought loadout. Equipped with a twin-linked lascannon and missile launcher, it excels at dealing with larger Tyranid creatures, delivering devastating firepower and piercing their formidable defenses. This formidable war machine seamlessly blends tradition and innovation, embodying the unwavering strength of the Space Marines in the face of relentless threats.


With a rich lineage dating back to its origins as the original metal Carnifex miniature in 1992, the Screamer-Killer has etched its name in the annals of Warhammer history. While belonging to a family of diverse Carnifex variants, it has garnered infamy for its colossal stature and the formidable might of its bio-plasmic scream, capable of searing through a Space Marine’s armor in mere seconds, as depicted in the cinematic trailer. Its four massive arms, each terminating in savage talons, render it a relentless force in close-quarter combat, making it an ideal adversary against the indomitable Terminators. The Screamer-Killer stands as a fearsome embodiment of menace, boasting unparalleled destructive power and a perfect countermeasure against the unyielding resilience of these hardened warriors.


The Neurotyrant serves as a specialized creature with a focus on providing support to the Tyranid forces. Resembling the Zoanthropes in their ability to hover over the terrain, the Neurotyrant possesses a distinct advantage in the form of numerous thrashing tendrils that can strike with deadly force against anything within its reach. Its massive brain serves a dual purpose: intensifying the psychic influence of the Tyranids’ formidable Shadow in the Warp, while also acting as a vital conduit for relaying the crucial synapse network to less evolved creatures within the swarm. This strategic creature stands as a testament to the Tyranids’ mastery of both psychic warfare and the coordination of their hive mind, making the Neurotyrant an invaluable asset in bolstering the collective strength and coordination of the swarm on the battlefield.


The Neurogaunts play a vital role as essential conduits within the synapse network, ensuring its seamless operation, and providing protection to those who are central to its functioning. The larger nodebeasts are easily identifiable by the distinctive bulbous growth adorning their backs, while the smaller gaunts scurry around them, armed with sharp claws and teeth, ever vigilant in their duty. These specialized creatures exemplify the Tyranids’ intricate hierarchy and strategic coordination, safeguarding the synapse network while actively engaging in close combat when necessary.

Winged Tyranid Prime

The Tyranid Prime represents an advanced iteration of the Tyranid Warrior bioform, typically recognized for its role in leading its kin on the ground. However, this distinctive variant possesses the ability to take flight, spreading its razor-sharp claws and influential synapse capabilities across vast distances. Notably, this marks the first instance where a Tyranid Prime receives an exclusive miniature, as previous renditions were assembled using components from the Tyranid Warriors kit. With its newfound wings and unique design, the Tyranid Prime showcases the ever-evolving nature of the Tyranid species, adapting to new challenges and expanding its dominion across both land and sky.

Von Ryan’s Leapers

The eponymous Von Ryan has earned a chilling distinction by having a truly terrifying creature named after him. Known as Von Ryan’s Leapers, these formidable beings amalgamate genetic attributes from Hormagaunts and Lictors, effectively harnessing the most advantageous qualities of both species to form a menacing force in close-quarters combat. These Leapers possess extraordinary agility, owing to their swift movement facilitated by their adeptly balanced tails. Furthermore, their comparatively smaller size enhances their prowess as ambush predators, allowing them to excel in stealthy and surprise attacks. Von Ryan’s Leapers stand as a testament to the Tyranids’ ability to combine and optimize genetic traits, resulting in a fearsome and highly adaptable threat on the battlefield.


You can’t go wrong with a classic, and the Termagants have certainly stood the test of time. In the Leviathan box, you’ll find an abundant gathering of these iconic creatures – a generous total of 20 Termagants. And let’s not forget the delightful Ripper Swarms that come along with them, capturing our hearts with their familiar charm. The Termagants embody the relentless nature of the Tyranid swarm, providing versatility and serving as a formidable backbone for the hive fleet’s forces.


Barbgaunts, as Tyranid artillery organisms, fulfill a vital role in the Tyranid forces by operating closer to the front lines compared to Hive Guards and Biovores. What sets them apart is the symbiotic bond between the bio-cannons mounted on their backs and the parasitic organism that exerts control over the rest of the gaunt. This extraordinary connection merges the gaunt’s body and its weapon into a unified and deadly entity, reinforcing the Tyranids’ formidable presence on the battlefield. The Barbgaunts exemplify the seamless integration of biology and weaponry within the Tyranid hierarchy, amplifying their potency and unleashing devastation upon their adversaries.


The immense Psychophage stands as a living furnace, voraciously consuming its foes and transforming their very essence into a turbulent surge of psychoclastic energy. Psykers, in particular, are its preferred prey, and the multitude of lashing tentacles surrounding its gaping maw swiftly strips the minds of those attuned to the warp before they can even raise their enchanted book, staff, or orb in defense. While the creature’s colossal size and menacing fanged maw bear resemblance to the Haruspex, the Psychophage possesses a much more discerning appetite, targeting specific victims for its consumption. This fearsome entity epitomizes the Tyranids’ predatory nature, demonstrating their capacity to consume and harness the psychic forces that permeate the battlefield, leaving naught but devastation in its wake.


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