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40k – Tyranid Ladybugs

Hello Wargamers!

Majority of our projects are inspired by original box art, as they are usually pretty well-thought and match models look perfectly. But… we do love working with custom projects, especially those with background stories! During the fall time, we got an extremely interesting and quite unusual request. One of our Client got in touch with us and asked, if we could paint his Tyranids using Ladybug painting scheme! He explained, Ladybug is actually his and his daughter favorite bug and he would love to have the miniatures painted that way.

We never worked with anything like this before, so spent a lot of time discussing and trying out different ideas. Finally came up with results, you can see on the photos! In the first wave we did: Swarmlord, Tyranid Warrior and Exocrine. Stay tuned! Soon we’ll be releasing wave 2!

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