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Shatterpoint – We Are Brave Squad Overview

Padme Amidala, Sabe and Naboo Royal Handmaidens in Star Wars: Shatterpoint

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This is the series in which we explain how certain units from Star Wars: Shatterpoint work!

Today we will go with the fearless Sith Lord, Darth Vader and his Stormtroopers, which are included in the We Are Brave Squad Pack.

Queen Padme Amidala

Unit Card

Anakin’s beloved, Queen Padme Amidala makes her way in Star Wars Shatterpoint as an aggressive Ranged Unit, but she also has a powerful utility ability, but we will talk about it later.

Padme has a passive Sharpshooter [2], which means every time she makes an attack and she’s focused he gains 3 additional dice instead of normal one. Aside from that Crack Shot also provides her a Dash anytime she makes a focus action, supporting aggressive playstyle. 

To keep her action efficiency she has access to Royal Command. She can target any Galactic Republic unit (including herself) and provide that unit with an Advance. You can use this ability to move her with a long movement tool, then as your normal action use Focus. Immediately after that she performs a movement using a short movement tool and then she can make an Attack as her second action with +3 dice. Such a strong combo!

However, it’s not the end of her abilities. Coordinated Fire for double damage pushes even more wounds, but notice that she will only “fire support” Handmaiden units so only Sabe and Naboo Royal Handmaidens will profit from that. However there are some units that can gain additional keywords.

Last ability that I have mentioned in the introduction as a powerful utility ability is Servant of the People. This ability has two different functionalities depending on her active stance. One of them is simple +1 attack die to friendly Galactic Republic Supporting Units within Range 4 of her while she is not wounded. Another one can be one of the most impactful abilities in the entire game. While she is not wounded and she is contesting one or more active objectives, all other Galactic Republic characters can contest the same objective, even while they are wounded. This opens opens better objective securing and can win you struggles on its own!

Stance Card

Aggressive Negotiations, as the name indicates, is her Aggressive Stance. Up to 8 damage is supplemented by Exposed Condition,  up to two Pushes, Heal [2] and Reposition. In addition, her Expertise Charts are good and provide us with stable results with a twist of Heal[1] on the Defense Chart. 

Faith in Diplomacy is better for utility purposes, providing conditions such as Pinned and Disarmed as well as up to three pushes and up to 7 damage.

Sabe, Royal Bodyguard

Unit Card

Sabe, personal Bodyguard of young Queen, is a Secondary Unit in this Squad Pack. Her abilities are a mix of utility tools with some aggressive potential.

Loyal Protectors allows all of your Handmaiden characters to perform a Dash toward an allied Primary Unit. This may be a crucial ability as it allows 2-4 of your units (if paired with units that have Payday ability) to reposition on Sabe activation, claiming objectives, engaging opponent’s units (so they lose their Hunker tokens) or simply repositioning for the upcoming activations.

Expose Flank is an interesting ability that Naboo Royal Handmaidens also have. Each character in the unit using this ability can Climb. If one or more of the characters in this unit end on a higher elevation than it was at the start of climbing, then after said movement it gains Sharpshooter[1] until the end of activation and immediately makes Focus action. It’s a good ability to not only reposition, but also for making more overwhelming attacks on your adversaries. Coordinated Assault: Dash is another mobility ability that allows Sabe to Dash everytime another Galactic Republic unit makes an attack and she is within Range 5 of the defender. 

Last ability in her arsenal is Bodyguard and it is crucial as Padme herself has a small amount of Defense Dice. All of your Primary and Secondary units within Range 2 of Sabe gains Cover [1], including Sabe herself.

Stance Card

Decoy provides us with quite a big Combat Tree with 2 main possible ways. One is dealing 5 damage, 3 pushes and Pinned + Disarmed conditions disabling your opponent activations. Another one is 4-6 damage with up to two mobility options for Sabe and a Strain condition.

Naboo Royal Handmaidens

Unit Card

As I mentioned when describing Sabe, NRH also has an Expose Flank ability. In addition to that they have Coordinated Fire ability to Disarm opponents attacked by a friendly Galactic Republic Unit. But I think that the most important ability in their arsenal is Intercede. It prevents your opponent from attacking your Primary and Secondary units as long as that enemy unit is engaged with one or more characters of the NRH unit.

Stance Card

Absolute Loyalty is a pretty simple Stance that can inflict up to 5 damage, provide Conditions such as Disarmed and Exposed and Disengage as well as Heal or Jump.

In summary, this squad offers us new options for our Galactic Republic and Bounty Hunters Strike Teams. 

If you want to start your adventure with Star Wars Shatterpoint, check our Shatterpoint Guide!

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