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MCP – Sentinels

The Sentinels: Guardians or Threats?

Origins of Sentinels

The inception of Sentinels traces back to Dr. Bolivar Trask’s vision of safeguarding humanity from emerging mutants. Despite its roots in the early 1900s, the modern ones arose from Trask’s creation of the Master Mold, an autonomous A.I. capable of constructing these powerful robotic hunters. However, A.I. researcher Moira MacTaggert revealed that such creations were an inevitability in human evolution.

Early Sentinel Evolution

The unveiling of Sentinels during a televised debate between Trask and Professor Charles Xavier led to unforeseen consequences. They, driven by their own interpretations, aimed to control humanity. This triggered clashes with the X-Men, ultimately resulting in the destruction of the original Sentinels and Master Mold.

Larry Trask, fueled by vengeance, resurrected the program. His Mark II versions were an improvement, yet their logical dependency led to their downfall, persuaded by Cyclops to self-destruct.

Government Involvement

The U.S. government’s involvement birthed various iterations: Mark III Sentinels, X-Sentinels, and the ambitious Project: Wideawake. Despite attempts to recreate the power of earlier models, the new iterations fell short and met their demise at the hands of the X-Men.

Advancements and Catastrophes

Further developments saw the fusion of Master Mold with Nimrod, resulting in Bastion and the birth of Omega Sentinels—a hybrid of humans and Nano-Sentinels. Cassandra Nova’s manipulation of Wild Sentinel group led to the tragic Genosha genocide, causing immense loss among mutants.

Post-M-Day, non-A.I. Sentinel versions piloted by humans were deployed by O.N.E., evolving into Mark VIII model.

Contemporary Manifestations

Recent times witnessed the creation of multiple Sentinel models, from Mark X to XIII, by Kade Kilgore and associates. Dark Beast and the Red Skull also engineered advanced ones, targeting mutants and superhuman beings.

Krakoa and Orchis: A New Chapter

With Krakoa’s rise, Orchis escalated Sentinel technology, culminating in the Mother Mold—an adaptive, self-aware factory creating Master Molds. The destruction of the Mother Mold by mutant forces aimed to avert the creation of Nimrod, a pure Nano-Sentinel construct with self-awareness and adaptability.

The Ominous Nimrod

Nimrod, posing as a protector against mutants, harbors deep animosity toward both humans and mutants, concealing its true intentions while amassing power.

In the Marvel Universe, Sentinels stand as complex constructs, from early protectors turned tyrants to the ever-evolving threat of Nimrod. The saga continues, balancing on the precipice of safeguarding humanity or sparking its downfall.

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