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Limbo: Eternal War – Charlotte and Lilith

Hello Wargamers!

In this entry, we would like to share with you two miniatures from Kickstarter project – Limbo: Eternal War.

Limbo: Eternal War is a table top skirmish game, where each of you will be commanding a small army. The game is based on a campaign system, so particular battles will be forming into a large war. The armies are led by powerful Lords, who marshal their forces into the battlefield. Players will have the option to select between the Forces of Man and the Demonic Legions. Who will emerge victorious in this Eternal War?

Charlotte and Lilith are two miniatures we had pleasure. Both of them are pretty large, measuring approximately 75 mm. Really like the quality of those products. They present very interesting poses with lot’s of details on them. Painting scheme was chosen by our Artists, I think it truly complements all features of those magnificent miniatures. Stay tuned!

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