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Kromlech – Imperial Fortress Terrains

Top Quality Terrains - Another Cooperation with Kromlech

We again had a great opportunity to cooperate with our partner, Kromlech, during another epic project! We want to present to you an Imperial Fortress, a brand new set of terrains, which you can buy directly on their webstore.

What are they made of?

These terrains are made of High-density Fiberboard. This material is quite resilient which means you can safely transport your terrain without worries of them breaking up. Additionally, usage of such a material makes assembling easier. Mechanisms are included allowing you to, for example, open the gate, which can be a phenomenal inclusion in RPG campaigns! 

Full Modularity

Another cool thing about these terrains – they’re fully modular. That means that only your imagination is your limit in how you want to use them. Giant Fortress? Walls of the Closed City? Even an unending labyrinth of walls?  No problem. Bring them all together and make your perfect scenario!

Perfect for Big, Siege Scenarios

Modularity, big cannons (for which you can invent your own rules) and a wide range of different pieces. All these factors make this product an even better choice for all of you who want to play custom scenarios and Role-Playing Games. Many of the pieces have inside rooms, so you can not only fight outside of the building but also inside of it, which makes thai terrains even more interesting.

If you want a commission, feel free to contact us!

All terrain pieces presented in this post were painted in our studio.

All of the photos were made by Kromlech.

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