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AoS – Gloomspite Gitz

Unveiling the Gloomspite Gitz: Followers of the Bad Moon

The Gloomspite Gitz, a motley crew comprising Gitmob Grots, Moonclan Grots, Spiderfang Grots, and Troggoths, are united by a singular purpose – their unwavering worship of the enigmatic Bad Moon. In their pursuit of the Everdank era, these peculiar beings seek to conquer the surface worlds in the name of Gorkamorka.

The Age of Myth: Shadows and Cunning

During the Age of Myth, both Moonclan Grots and Spiderfang Grots found solace in the dark corners of the realms. Famed for their cunning ways, they retreated to boltholes when the Age of Chaos loomed, a time when many grot tribes vanished into hiding to escape the chaos and upheaval. Moonclan Grots, adverse to daylight, worshipped the celestial abomination known as the Bad Moon, which became the source of their moniker. They happily retreated to their lurklairs, breeding squigs, cultivating peculiar mushrooms, and only venturing to the surface for the choicest of prey.

The Spiderfang Grots shared similar sentiments, with their entire culture revolving around the veneration, rearing, and riding of diverse arachnid beasts. Thriving in dark and dingy conditions, they made their homes in ravines, jungles, swamplands, cave networks, and ancient temple ruins. Troggoths, too, thrived in the dampest and foulest reaches, where primordial sludge accumulated, and they multiplied.

The Age of Chaos: Gloomspite's Dispersal and Growth

The Age of Chaos saw these disparate gloom-dwelling factions expand their territories. They established crude fortifications at cave mouths, constructed fungus-lit shanty-cities in the shadows, and bred even stranger and more dangerous squiggly creatures and peculiar insects. Occasionally, they breached the lower levels of Fyreslayer magmaholds or Skaven burrows, leading to underground wars that either destroyed Moonclan lurklairs or created new lairs amidst the ruins of conquered civilizations.

Moonclan Grots also stumbled upon Spiderfang broodnests and trogg holes, resulting in sporadic skirmishes. However, unlike the belligerent Orruks, grots tended to find common cause. The Moonclan’s fungi and potions became prized possessions for the Spiderfangs, who offered hallucinogenic or poisonous substances from their arachnid beasts, invaluable for Moonclan shamans. Thus, tentative truces and barter economies evolved into fragile alliances, giving birth to the first Gloomspite hordes.

Arcanum Optimar: The Rising of the Bad Moon

In an age where the dead rise in unprecedented numbers, and wars are waged for souls and control of eternal underworlds, the Bad Moon has grown ever more active. This celestial entity, known for spreading mayhem, destruction, and insanity throughout the Mortal Realms, now hurtles like a runaway boulder through the void. In its wake follows the Gloomspite Gitz, driven by the enigmatic “Gloomspite” as they strive to please the moon and bring about the Everdank era.

The Gloomspite Gitz stand at the precipice of a twilight era, poised to reshape the realms in the name of their celestial patron, the Bad Moon.

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