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Fallout – Wasteland Warfare

Wasteland Warfare: Your Gateway to the Fallout Universe

The bombs have fallen. The world is a desolate wasteland, crawling with mutated creatures and scarred by the remnants of a bygone civilization. But from the ashes, humanity endures. Vault Dwellers emerge from their underground shelters, raiders carve out their own domains, and factions vie for power in this harsh new reality.

Welcome to Wasteland Warfare! This thrilling wargame lets you step into the iconic world of Fallout and wage epic battles on the tabletop.

Wasteland Warfare: The Basics

Gather your favorite characters and creatures from the Fallout universe, assemble your warband, and customize your loadout. The game offers a rich tactical experience with intuitive rules, allowing you to recreate the tense skirmishes and pitched battles of the wasteland.

Factions of the Fallout Wasteland

Wasteland Warfare features a wide variety of factions, each with its own unique playstyle and iconic units. Lead the noble Brotherhood of Steel into battle, command the cunning and brutal raiders, or build your own ragtag band of survivors. Whether you favor overwhelming firepower, cunning tactics, or sheer brute force, there’s a faction for you to conquer the wasteland with.

Fallout on Prime Video

The recent Fallout TV series on Prime Video has reignited the passion for this beloved post-apocalyptic world. Wasteland Warfare offers a fantastic way to delve deeper into the lore, explore your own stories within the Fallout universe, and experience the thrill of wasteland combat firsthand.

Ready to join the fight? We can help you build and paint your Wasteland Warfare miniatures, bringing your favorite characters and factions to life. Contact us and get a quote for your Wasteland warriors!

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