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Smal Interview with Top Cut of Broken Realms Glasgow September Tournament

We have a small relation from latest Broken Realms Glasgow tournament that took place this month. Small statements from the first 3 players and a short overview from tournament organizer at the end. Here’s the photo of rewards and without further ado, we go straight to the point! 😄

Winner of the Broken Realms Glasgow September 2023 - Will Cruickshanks

So most of this is irrelevant after the points changes, as Legion of Night is deader than dead outside of Nagash lists. However, some cute things about my list:

I put Unbending Will on the Necromancer because it makes your Unbending Will model much harder to snipe with things like Comet’s Call, Brass Meteor, Spirit Gale, Maelstrom, Winds of Death, Curse of Years… There’s a lot of things that kill vampires in the meta right now. I also think that Hoarfrost on a model that isn’t your necromancer is a cute bit of tech, as you can Hoarfrost some zombies and then hit them with Vanhels.

I figured I may as well use this opportunity to write something about the changes. I think if you want to compete with SBGL now you probably want to play Vyrkos, I think you drop most of your Zombies for dogs, and don’t bother with Torgilius. I like Lauka a lot. I think Nagash Legion of Night is good but after no changes to Seraphon, Null Myriad or Khorne he’s in a tough spot in the meta.

Finalist of the Broken Realms Glasgow September 2023 - Nathan Watson

The reason I decided to take my army to Broken Realms is because I tend to click well with armies that control the tempo of the battle and Khorne does that really well. Bloodtithe abilities allow me to interact in my opponents turn and Be’lakor is great at scuppering the enemy plans.

30 Blood Warriors can be hard to wield on a constricted battlefield but also equally hard to engage with. I have a lot of experience using armies with 4+ rally mechanics. Thought I would be able to better manipulate this than my opponents could exploit it.

3rd Place of the Broken Realms Glasgow September 2023 - John Bayliss

I love both the character of Seraphon as well as versatility. I enjoy armies that play in every phase as well have having movement shenanigans (in this case teleports with summoning).

My starting point was a list I enjoyed from the last book with Kroak – Slann and Endless Spells. The list I chose was a variation off the current meta. It was to avoid using the incarnate as it is seen everywhere at the moment. In its place I took Raptadon chargers who are fast, slip through gaps and hit really hard, then get re-summoned after they die. They also benefit from the “Azure light” ability which returns models with 1 or 2 wounds. The geminids, Gravetide and Maelstrom are hugely powerful in a Seraphon army paired with the astrolith bearers range extension.

It was a strong list that performed well tabling 4 opponents until meeting a Khorne army on a very static centre-board mission. There was no way to score primary late game but still a tight score line at 28-24.

Great fun.I

Word from Tournament Organizer – Matt Matyasik:

It was our 4th edition of Broken Realms and Minis for War in Glasgow, Scotland!!! We had amazing time! 58 people competed in 2 day event! Great opportunity to play 5 games of AoS, meet friends, have a drink and engage in great banter!!

Check our post about previous edition of BRG!

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