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Shatterpoint – Appetite for Destruction Squad Overview

Sinister General and His Subordinates in Star Wars: Shatterpoint

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This is the series in which we explain how certain units from Star Wars: Shatterpoint work!

Today we will go with the sinister General Grievous and his Droid subordinates, which are included in the Appetite for Destruction Squad Pack.

General Grievous

Unit Card

General Grievous, a sinister commander of Separatist forces, is one of the most iconic characters from The Clone Wars era and a part of Star Wars: Shatterpoint as well.

As a primary unit, General Grievous provides your Strike Team with a set of aggressive and reposition abilities. Onward lets you perform a dash with a friendly Battle Droid character, either to reach a better position, hide from enemy fire power or claim an objective. Appetite for Destruction is another reposition skill with high aggressive potential. After Grievous’ attack, he may choose one friendly Battle Droid in range to perform a dash. Chosen unit then can perform a 5 dice attack against the defender of the previous one. This ability lets you finish off low HP units pretty consistently (depending on positioning).

Our General isn’t a supporting unit however. His other abilities make him a gap closing beast, dedicated to exterminating opposing units. Scuttle is an ability that gives him one of the best mobility in game with additional advance with Scale keyword. Another Fine Addition to My Collection lets you benefit from wounding opposing characters, providing you with Heal[2] and even refreshing two Force Points whenever you wound a Force User.

His other ability may be an ace in the hole. I Have Been Trained in Your Jedi Arts is a very powerful ability but it requires a specific situation on the board. After resolving a melee attack, Grievous can spend two Force Points to deal 2 damage to all units engaged with him (other than the Defender). In center objectives scenarios and with certain setup, you will be able to just wipe out half of the opponent Strike Team with just one blow. Note that this kind of playstyle may be a high risk – high reward and you should consider if it is worth it or not.

It’s worth noting that Grievous is a Droid, not a Battle Droid!

Stance Card

Here it is where things have gone wild.

Quad Arm Attack is a very powerful melee stance. Possibility of dealing up to 13 damage, spiking on 2 and 3 hits gives him a big “one shot one kill” potential. However, with only 4 defense dice in both ranged and melee makes him kind of Glass Cannon.

Cunning Warlord is a much more tricky and utility stance. Better defense (with weird expertise chart), Range Attack, 2-8 damage and high amount of repositions make this combat tree more skill-dependent.

Kraken, Super Tactical Droid

Unit Card

Kraken is a second Super Tactical droid available in Star Wars: Shatterpoint.

Weaker “brother” of Kalani (you can read about Kalani here) shares Tactical Network and Complete Analysis with him. First of these abilities is more important and lets you choose an allied Battle Droid within range 4 and perform a dash with it, then remove a condition token, gain Hunker token to strengthen your defense or perform a 5 dice attack.

Differentiator between them are the other 2 abilities. Do Not Let Them Escape lets you reposition Kraken or another Battle Droid Unit at the start of Kraken Activation. On the other hand Conqueror’s Resolve gives him Protection and Steadfast when he’s contesting the objective.

Stance Card

Ruthless Logic is a mediocre Stance Card that allows you to deal 1-7 damage, Pin your opponent, make up to 3 Pushes and even activate Tactical Network with no cost.

B2 Battle Droids

Unit Card

Super Battle Droids are also part of Star Wars: Shatterpoint (how could they not?).

They’re kind of a road roller unit with their skillset. Relentless Advance gives them additional Dash in their activation, allowing them to catch your opponent quickly. Saturation Fire boosts their firepower whenever they attack a unit that contests an active objective. Enhanced Blast Armor increases their resilience with a Protection keyword, decreasing upcoming damage from attack sources by 1.

Stance Card

Suppression Protocol is nothing less than a good Combat Tree followed by an aggressive Attack Expertise Chart. 1-11 damage with a condition to choose at step 4 and some reposition can be devastating for your opponent. However, low defense stats may cause trouble if you allow your opponent to reach melee.

In summary, this squad provides you with new pieces to upgrade your Droid Strategy, giving you additional Support-role Secondary Character, highly aggressive Primary character and good Supporting Unit that allow you to push your opponent out of the objective.

If you want to start your adventure with Star Wars Shatterpoint, check our Shatterpoint Guide!

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