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Broken Realms – Interview

Broken Realms Glasgow April 2023 – winner and organizer interview

Here we go with short interview that we have prepared for you together with the organizer of Broken Realms Glasgow, Matt Matyasik, as well as with the winner of this epic event, undefeated Reece Fraser!

Hello Matt! Congratulations on organizing another edition of Broken Realms Glasgow! Such a great, 72 pax tournament and first time that it was a World Championship Qualifier. What was the biggest challenge for you, as an Organizer?

The biggest challenge of organizing events for me is the lack of dedicated gaming space in Glasgow. Everything what you are doing must be done from scratches. Fortunately Im blessed by Gorkamorka and Im surrounded by amazing Scottish Community. Help that I’m getting in order to organize events it’s just amazing!!

What kind of feedback do you receive from participants? Are there any suggestions that you plan to take into account for future events?

There is a lot of positive feedback coming, as well a bit of negative in terms of pointing certain details to me. Any feedback is appreciated, it’s all about improving your venue!

Looking ahead, do you have any plans on future events in Glasgow? Do you plan to increase the player cap to even more than 72? Can you give us a little sneak peak on what we can expect in the future?

Next event is already scheduled for 9/10 of September!! And I can’t wait for it!! I do have some plans for next year indeed…maybe sneaky 100…who knows…

Now you, Reece. Congratulations on winning such an epic Broken Realms tournament! How do you feel about your victory in the event with many experienced players?

I am still shocked I even managed to win the event to be fair this was my first 5-0 at a tournament I had some extremely tough games against some familiar and unfamiliar opponents

Can you walk us through your strategy and tactics in the tournament? Were there any particularly challenging opponents or situations that you had to overcome?

Every game I played had different challenges that I had to overcome, examples of these being my 4th and 5th game where I had to play against two highly skilled opponents with what I consider to be hard matchup armies for my own. One that didn’t allow me cast any of my much needed spells of and that can deal a lot of damage that I can’t negate, Had to get lucky with a few dice rolls for that. And the other against an army that turns off all my high end attacks that my list was based around combined with again the consistent non negatable damage.

The main prize for this tournament was a ticket to the World Championship in Atlanta. How does it feel to know that you will be competing at that level, and what preparations do you plan to make before the competition?

It’s surreal to think I’ll be competing at that level , I’ve only played in tournaments for a little under two years now. I’ll be getting as much practice in as possible in the lead up to it trying different builds/combos with Sylvaneth but a lot will change once the new rules come out before November all very exciting!

What advice would you give to other Age of Sigmar players who want to raise their skills and reach a similar level of success?

The best advice I would give to anyone wanting to improve is to find an army you really enjoy and stick with it, swapping and changing constantly wont allow you to learn the rules to memory. As Well as just getting as many practice games in as possible / participate in one day or even two day events and don’t worry about how you perform at them just learn from mistakes made.

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