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Boardgames: Gloomheaven

Hello Wargamers!

Gloomhaven is a cooperative game, in which players will fight monsters and try to achieve their individual goals. The game takes place in the campaign mode, where a group of players uses the Scenario Book, to go through new adventures and unlock new items as they progress. Each known scenario can also be used as a separate mission outside the campaign. One of the main highlight of the game is it’s advanced combat system based on drawn cards (which reduces randomness of dice) as well as fully automated opponents with distinctive and diverse behavior patterns.

Painting-wise, I am very impressed with quality of miniatures. Sculpts are interesting, dynamic and very eye-pleasing. Really like the design as well, ideas are fresh. I believe overall effects of our work here, are more than satisfying. It was a great pleasure, we used a lot of vivid colors and strong highlights. I bet they’ll look great on the board!

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