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Board Games: Munchkin Dungeon & MonstroCity

Howdy Wargamers! Board games are awesome – that’s a fact! We just love spending hours playing our favorite super-weighty RPG games, where usage of brain rises, all the way up to 125%. Just 5 more and it would explode! How do gamers relax after a hardcore-game-session? Today’s entry will show you the solution!

Munchkin Dungeon and MostroCity are perfect boardgames for those, who not always take gaming too seriously 🙂 Please don’t get me wrong! Neither of them is brainless Monopoly game (yes, hating Monopoly is huge part of being in the community). Munchkin Dungeon is kind of live version, of very infamous card game of Munchkin. You and your friends will be exploring the Dungeon and testing your luck against hordes of monsters and the what’s even worse – each other’s sneaky tricks! If you are more into co-op games, MonstroCity is the one for you! Players, leading their monster squads, will be fighting evil Dr. Spotnik and… destroying the whole city in most epic way you can imagine!

Models are just gorgeous! There is no way you can look at them and still be sad! i believe it was one of the most colorful projects we ever had 😀 Painted to reach that classic, comic-book style, I guess it really complements miniatures! Very enjoyable and fun commission!

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