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Board Games: Human Interface: Be a Better Human/ Part 2

Hello war and board games fans! 🙂 Hope you enjoyed our little introduction to Human Interface Let’s begin part two! Shall we?
I guess the game will be gaining it’s popularity, as the Cyberpunk 2077 hype will be growing. If you like this kind of theme, Human Interface catches the climate just perfectly! The miniatures present incredibly interesting sculpts, they kind of remind me of Infinity models. Details are there, quality is top notch, definitely very rewarding material to work with! When it comes to painting, we were obviously trying to catch that futuristic vibe. The colors are really vivid, a lot of contrast between them. You just cannot pass without noticing them! As majority of the plot takes action in illegal prison, we were trying to copy it on our bases. I guess we can all agree, playing your favorite game with beautify painted miniatures is a whole different level experience
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Commission painting services: