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Board Games: Human Interface: Be a Better Human/ Part 1

Hi! I guess we can all agree, Kickstarter has begun a whole new era, when it comes to board games! For decades the Ludo and the Monopoly seemed to be, like our only options to spend an evening, but in today’s world board games are getting more and more exciting! Have you heard about Human Interface: Be a Better Human? Hop into 1. part!

Human Interface is a cooperative game, taking action in near a feature. Cyberpunk world is dominated by new, highly advanced technologies. You and your friends will need to gather all your flair and knowledge to break from high-security, illegal prison. During the gameplay your team will need to learn how to effectively use cybernetic modifications and your special abilities. You’ll be facing many thrilling quests, ruthless security systems and highly skilled prison guards. Are you ready to stand eye to eye with your foes, both in the real and virtual worlds? The price? Maybe you’ll be able to retain your own humanity for a little longer!

In part two we will talk a bit about miniatures and painting experiance 🙂 Stay tuned!

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