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Board Game – Wolfenstein

William Joseph "B.J." Blazkowicz: The Indomitable Protagonist of the Wolfenstein Series

William Joseph Blazkowicz, known as “Terror Billy” among Nazis, stands as the central figure in MachineGames’ reimagination of the Wolfenstein series. Departing from the classic rendition of the character, this iteration portrays a reimagined background, altering elements like appearance, accent, and even birthplace.

B.J.'s Origin Story: A Glimpse into his Turbulent Past

B.J.’s upbringing on the Blazkowicz Estate in Texas unveils a tumultuous childhood marked by abuse from his father, Rip Blazkowicz. Enduring mistreatment, nightmares haunted his youth until his father initiated a peculiar solution—fighting monsters in the basement.

Shaping of Morality and Tragic Events

His friendship with Billie, an African-American girl, profoundly impacted his moral compass. Tragic events, including the loss of his beloved dog Bessie, scarred his early years, etching painful memories that shaped his resolve.

The Path to Becoming a Soldier

Despite hardships, B.J. found solace in fleeting moments of happiness, cherishing memories of Mesquite’s sunset and his familial bonds. Eventually, he escaped the abusive environment, joining the U.S. Army and the Army Rangers, embarking on a journey that defined his destiny.

Heroic Exploits and Unyielding Determination

His missions, spanning from battling Nazis to facing Wilhelm Strasse’s sinister plans, showcased B.J.’s unwavering determination and courage. These exploits, including confronting Strasse and surviving explosive encounters, attest to his resilience.

Another Adventure

You can join B.J. Blazkowicz in his adventure to the Castle Wolfenstein in the recent board game made and released by our partner Archon Studio. Gather your group of friends and experience this co-operative dungeon crawler on your own!

B.J. Blazkowicz, A Resilient Warrior

William Joseph Blazkowicz’s journey from a tumultuous past to a valiant warrior against evil paints a portrait of resilience and fortitude. His legacy in the Wolfenstein series remains a testament to unwavering determination against insurmountable odds.

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