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AoS – Troggoth Army

“Troggoth don’t speak, so there will be no quote here” – Gerard from MFW crew

Hello there!

Today we wanna show you a Troggoth miniatures painted a while ago.

The Troggoths are a group of races with regenerative abilities, a corrosive bile that can be vomited as a weapon and very tiny brains that can only think of violence. These creatures come out from under bridges, the decaying veins of mountains and the silt of river bottoms to destroy. Many regions of the Mortal Realms are plagued by these creatures, the destruction their violent packs cause seen on the ruins of merchant caravans and villages. These misbegotten children of Gorkamorka are born in the gruel of where the light of Azyr doesn’t shine. They are drawn from these deep dark places by the call to war, joining the many orruk clans that goad them into battle.

There you can find Dankhold Troggboss, Dankhold Troggoth, Rockgut Troggoths, Fellwater Troggoths and more.

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